Capacity List

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Citizen M532 VIII

The latest Citizen Machinery flagship sliding head machine.

  • Up to 38MM Diameter Bar
  • 48 tool positions, 24 potential driven
  • B axis to main and sub spindle
  • LFV chipbreaker technology
  • Guidebush or gudebushless modes

Citizen M32 VIII Sliding Head Lathe (x6 Machines)

From purchasing the first Citizen M32 VIII to enter the UK in 2012 up to the recent upgrading of the inspection inspection suite, addition of further machinery to enhance capability, the investment in ensuring Trust Precision are leading in our sector is and has been relentless.

  • Up to 35mm bar capacity
  • Long parts up to 600mm (32mm max dia)
  • 40 tool positions for flexible tooling options
  • 130bar high-pressure coolant
  • Up to 18 live tools for milling, including fully programmable B-axis for angled milling / drilling
  • 3.6m barfeed
  • Monitored lights out machining reduces costs
Download | Citizen M32VIII Technical Specification

Citizen L20 XII (x2)

High performance for smaller complex parts. The latest 20MM machine from Citizen.

  • Up to 25MM Bar capacity
  • Optional guidebush-less mode
  • 40 tool positions (21 live)
  • Fully Programmable B axis
  • LFV chip breaker technology
Download | L20 Technical Specification

Citizen R04 VI

Super compact high precision sliding head machine for ‘micro’ parts.

  • High Speed 20,000 RPM spindles
  • Maximum 4MM bar size
  • 17 tool position, 3 driven
  • Super high precision slider
  • 3.6M Bar Feeder
Download | Brochure R04


  • Up to 22.2mm bar capacity
  • 41 tool positions for flexibility
  • High speed 10,000rpm main and sub spindle
  • 6 tool capacity on B axis to main and sub spindle
  • 30bar high-pressure coolant
  • 3.6m bar-feeder

VICI Optical Shaft Measuring Machines

We use Vici Vision CNC inspection equipment.

  • High speed precision shaft measurement
  • 300MM length x 40MM Diameter
  • Integrated software with full reporting and traceability
  • Measures and records all external features in seconds to micron accuracy
Download | VICI M304 Techno Technical Specification

OGP Smartscope Flash CNC 200

In 2022 we upgraded and increased our inspection machines, allowing to assure our work is accurate and keeping us at the forefront of the industry.

  • Latest multi sensor capability
  • Short cycle times
  • Fast stage speed
  • 'Zone 3' offline programming capability
Download | OGP Smartscope Flash CNC 200